You’re going to be able to be picking up LG’s latest effort for less than a dollar right out of the gate if you happen to be heading to Wal-Mart this weekend – LG Enlighten being the name of the game, a 97 cent pricetag being the cost. What we’re looking at here is a mid-range Android slider with a full QWERTY keyboard and what MIGHT be Android 2.3 Gingerbread. That or you’ll just be working with FroYo – either way this device isn’t going to be busting apart the oncoming dual-core competition any time soon, so it’s not truly necessary for the world’s most advanced version of Android to be on this relatively small 3.2-inch display having smartphone.

The LG Enlighten looks to be a fabulous choice for those looking to get into the Android game for the first time with a 320×480 pixel resolution display, 800MHz processor, and 3 megapixel camera on the back. Also notice that it’s carrying the same in-display menu buttons on the right trend we’ve been seeing lately in Android devices, starting with the HTC Status here in the USA then popping up again in a few different Samsung devices. Look good to you? It’s been sliding around for far too long already if you ask me.

UPDATE: those of you with slide-out QWERTY keyboard-toting Android devices — what does your homescreen look like when the keyboard is popped out?

This Enlighten device from LG will be rolling out on Verizon with 3G connectivity, a microSD card slot capable of holding up to 32GB, and will have a perfectly generous 1500mAh batter attached. We’ve also got word that this device may be hitting US Cellular and Cellular South soon as well. For a buck, this Android device doesn’t look half bad. Look good for your new-to-smartphones uncle Jimbo?

[via WallMart Local Ad]