Display connoisseurs and pixel aficionados will be forgiven if they start drooling over this news. LCD panel maker LG Display has just unveiled what it is claiming to be the world’s slimmest, narrowest, and first LCD panel that offers quadruple the pixels of today’s HD displays.

This new Advanced High Performance IPS (AH-IPS) LCD display boasts of a couple of impressive figures. For starters, it has a resolution of 2560×1440, four times more than the 1280×720 resolution of HD displays. At a size of 5.5 inches, the Quad HD will have a pixel density of 538 ppi (pixels per inch). LG Display is also claiming the title of world’s thinnest and narrowest panel, with a thickness of 1.21 mm and a bezel of 1.2 mm. The LCD is also capable of brightness reaching 430 nits.

But bigger numbers mean nothing if they don’t help improve the quality of users’ experience, and the Quad HD is definitely aiming to please. The LCD will be able to reproduce more delicate colors and display improved contrast and vividness. It will enable users to view Blu-ray quality video on their smartphones. The panel also allows viewing full desktop version of web pages at a glance without image distortion and with sharper text.

LG Display makes no mention when this new technology will be available to the market. It is, however, expecting that shipments of smartphones making use of this Low Temperature Poly-Silicon substrate or LTPS will reach a record-breaking 765 million units by the end of 2014 due to the growing demand for larger screens with higher resolutions and lower power draws.

SOURCE: SlashGear



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