A few new LG smartphones have been spotted, and could be variants of the same phone. Via HTML5Test, we see the LG D830 scoring exceedingly high, and Bluetooth SIG shows another model, possibly a variant of the D830. Whatever the case, it seems LG could be bringing two new devices to market, though we’ll remain cautiously optimistic.

The HTML5Test score of 503 out of 555 gives a few details, as well as an impressive score. From the test, we see the device running Chrome version 30, and operating on KitKat. Some reports have the handset with LTE and a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920, too, making it a higher end offering. Though not believed to be a followup for the G2, we’ve yet to hear anything solid on that front.

There was also a LS740 from LG, which is believed to be a Sprint device, considering the “LS” tag. The G Flex, expected fairly soon, brings an LS995 handle for Sprint, so it makes sense. Bluetooth SIG confirms the LS740 as having LTE, but whether or not the D830 and LS740 are the same device remains to be seen. Much about this news is suspect, but interesting.

These could be two separate devices, or one. They could be reference hardware in testing, too. Aside from the two devices mentioned above, there were also the LS740, D410, D320, and MS323 — all from LG. We’ll be on the lookout for mor news on this front, but for now, it seems as though LG is just running devices through testing. Until we hear solid news, we’ll just hope that whatever is coming doesn’t change much from what’s tested.

VIA: Phone Arena