LG has recently been sharing details about the Optimus G Pro. These have included the specs and even an idea as to when we can expect the global roll-out to begin. That will be happening during the second quarter, however while we wait, it looks like some of the software features are now being shown off in video teasers.

Two of these software features are camera related. One deals with video recording and the other deals with regular stills. The former is called dual-recording and the latter is called VR panorama and both names likely give a clue as to what they do. Beginning with the dual-recording, you can see this in a demo in the video below. Basically, what it will do is allow you to record using the front and rear-facing camera at the same time. Judging from the video, it looks like you will be able to move the in-picture recording box around and even adjust the size a bit.


Next up is the VR panorama video, which judging from what we can see — looks to be the ability to capture panorama images but also capture images similar to what you would get using Photo Sphere. Basically, press the capture button and begin moving your smartphone across the group or scene. LG also demos how you can then view and scroll around that image on your smartphone or even print it out for a poster sized wall print. You can get a look at these in the video below.


All said and done, while both are neat features, we do have to wonder how much real world use they would actually get. Simply put, they are neat, but also sort of a gimmick. Speaking personally, while I have played with panorama and Photo Sphere images, I have yet to actual capture either on a regular basis. How about it, anyone using Photo Sphere or capturing panorama images on a regular basis?



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