The LG V50 ThinQ was supposed to be launched in its native South Korea this Friday, April 19. But it looks like they may have encountered some unexpected problem as they have now announced that they are postponing its launch for now. While they did not give any specific reason as to why they will not push through with the scheduled launch, they did say that they wanted “to enhance customer satisfaction” with not just the phone but also the 5G service that is a selling point of this device.

The much anticipated 5G network went online for the first time in Korea becoming the “world’s first” ahead of carriers in the US that were jockeying for that position. But it seems that the LG phone, which was to be the first smartphone that supports 5G, may not have lived up to the OEM’s expectations as they said they are now concentrating on the “completeness” of the device before launching.

The closest to details they may have revealed is that they are working closely with Qualcomm to improve the 5G service. So it may probably have something to do with its support for 5G technology as well as the Snapdragon 855 chipset and since those are some of the selling points of the V50 ThinQ, then they will really have to ensure that it is working properly and is “complete”.

LG says they want to ensure that those who will be buying the device will “not experience any inconvenience”. As to what that means exactly we’ll probably never know unless someone familiar with the company and the issues will reveal some anonymous tidbits.

In any case, LG did not give an exact date as to when the V50 ThinQ will be released but they will probably be scrambling to do so before Samsung releases the 5G version of their Galaxy S10. That one will be released in Korea first sometime this month and then in the US afterwards so LG might be doing the same as well.