LG, fresh off the Nexus 5 and popular G2 handset of their own, seems to have something else up their sleeve. With a leaked codename of D830, there appears to be a new LG handset making its way to us. While not much is known we can find a bit of info on screen resolution, which promises to be excellent.

The D830 notes a screen resolution of 1080×1920, but that’s about all we know as of now. We also see from the screenshot above, which is said to be from an LG User Profile, that the device has all the normal features we’d expect: the ability to produce sound, capable of text input, etc. We can see that it’s made by LG, also, which was a given. Interestingly, it notes that voice input is not available, which is an interesting wrinkle to this one.

We also see that this device is listed as a version 1.0 product, so it’s likely test hardware at this point. While we’ve never seen this product codename before, it’s smart not to read too much into it just yet. Unlike a few other manufactuers, LG designations rarely hint at any specs or sizing, so “830” probably doesn’t mean an 8.3-inch screen.

The Nexus 5 also had two designations — the D820 and D821 — so this could be one of two, likely a GSM and CDMA version of a device. From there, it seems as though LG is simply designating devices on a scale, and 830 was next in line, almost like naming a hurricane. The G2 was “D802” once final, meaning it could have seen an 800 and 801 version, too.