What you see pictured below are the leaked images of what is being called the LG Connect 4G. It is headed for MetroPCS as a mid to high-end device rocking their 4G LTE speeds and might also land on Verizon Wireless in the coming months. We should be seeing more of this device soon but so far it’s looking good.

With a model number being listed as the MS840 we are expecting this to be a lower-end device than the LG Esteem but the specs are looking quite decent for this new 4G LTE device headed to Metro’s customers. With a 4″ NOVA display, a dual-core processor although specifics aren’t yet know, 1GB of RAM, 4GB internal storage and more. Then it should rock the usual micro-SD slot as well as a 5mp rear camera and VGA front for video chat.

Another interesting note is this same device and model number is appearing for Verizon listed as the VS840 with their 4G LTE. We’ve seen a few leaks lately about an LG Spectrum 4G LTE world phone hitting Verizon — so that is possible only it was detailed as having a larger display rocking 720p. According to PocketNow this new LG smartphone could be headed to 3 carriers here in the US but that isn’t yet confirmed. Most likely we’ll be seeing plenty of this and other LG devices at CES this year so stay tuned right on Android Community for the latest.