We just told you that Samsung has a tablet coming out. Furthermore, we divulged that the company plans on releasing it in the third quarter of this year. And, from what we already know about it (it’s the Galaxy Tab, mind you), we are pretty excited about it. Not to be left in the wind, LG Electronics has come forward and said that they, too, will have an Android-based tablet made available this year. But, it’s not coming out until the fourth quarter.

The LG tablet is going to launch as part of the manufacturer’s “Optimus” brand, which isn’t a bad thing at all. However, there are no other details about the tablet. We don’t know how big it will be, what version of Android it will run, or what kind of processor will be powering it. Basically, none of the important things. Sure, we don’t know any of that about the Samsung version, either, but we do know the Galaxy S devices it is based off of, so that’s good enough for us.

The only thing that could be good for LG in this move, is the fact that it will be the holiday shopping season when the LG Android Optimus tablet launches. Actually, if they use Optimus all over the place, and make it work with the whole “Android” system, there’s probably plenty of Transformers fanboys (and girls) out there that will just melt because of that. We’re just saying.

[via Boy Genius Report]