LG is one of the major OEMs that basically started the trend of having bezel-less devices, with the release of their current flagship, the LG G6. Of course they actually weren’t the ones who first made or released such gadgets but it did spark this current design trend that we are enjoying now. To “support” this push, the Korean brand released an infographic supporting the idea that smartphones with bigger screens and more visual “real estate” are the future of the industry.

The data in the infographic comes from reports from the International Data Corporation as well as results of surveys where customers were asked to share their opinions about bezel-less, or technically, near bezel-less devices. According to the IDC 2017, Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, their forecast is that smartphones with displays larger than 5.5-inches will surpass those with smaller displays by the year 2018. This is hugely because of the bezel-less trend which allows for larger displays without necessarily making the phone feel that big.

Some of the interesting things you’ll learn from the infographic is that 69.7% of respondents find devices with minimal bezels attractive. Videos, social media, and mobile banking are the top three answers when asked for their reasons why they would consider buying bezel-less smartphones. Some of the reasons why they’re not using yet such a device is that they think it might be uncomfortable using one or that it’s too pricey and maybe even too fragile.

The conclusion from the survey and info is that an ideal smartphone for most users is one that has fully immersive display, is easy to use with just one hand, and is of course “ruggedized to the max”. Another important thing is that it has to be affordable, something that the LG G6 definitely isn’t.