We had hoped that CES last month would bring better news for Google TV, but things only seem to be getting worse since Logitech abandoned the platform. According to Google’s first party Google TV apps in the Android Market, no single app – including seemingly essential ones like Youtube, Photos for Google TV and the ubiquitous program guide TV & Movies, has been installed more than a million times. That would seem to imply that less than a million total Google TV units have been sold and activated worldwide, despite being available for almost 18 months.

While adoption has been increasing since Google updated the software on Sony TVs and Logitech Revue devices, it apparently hasn’t been rising nearly fast enough. App research firm Xylogic agrees, stating that the most popular app for Google TV is music service Napster, with just over 900,000 users. Google itself has been mum on the subject; the last official word we heard from the big G was that Samsung, LG and and Vizio would come out with Google TV hardware this year, but the only company to actually show a consumer device at CES was Sony.

There’s no two ways about it: Google TV is struggling as a platform. Even though Google has enough resources and time to fund the Google TV project for years, it’s got no real reason to if it doesn’t start performing better, and quickly. Hopefully we’ll see more from Google’s hardware partners at Google IO this summer, with some new software features to compete with the hoards of Smart TVs headed into living rooms at the moment.

[via GigaOm]