It can be quite frustrating when Android is sometimes treated as just an afterthought by mobile game developers, but things could actually be worse. They could opt not to bring their games to Android at all. Fortunately, developers 1337 (which is read as “leet” for “elite”, by the way) has brought its award-winning puzzle platform to Android, giving mobile gamers something new to sink their teeth into.

The plot of the game sounds simple enough. You take control of a moustached furry fuzzball (a very accurate description of our protagonist) as he plays detective in finding out who stole his gold. But the devil is, as they say, in the details and in order to solve the mystery, you will have to go through 24 levels of puzzles. You won’t find any button smashing here, but the game’s physics-based puzzles are sure to give your brain enough exercise.

That said, this deceptively simple game description doesn’t do justice to Leo’s Fortune when it comes to quality and polish. The graphics are quite lush and vivid, exceptional for a mobile game, and the controls are perfect for touchscreens. But those aren’t the only reasons why Google showcased the game in last month’s Google I/O, despite being available only on iOS back then. Leo’s Fortune is one of the new generation of Android games that take advantage of Google’s new Play Games services 5.0 features. This means cloud saving, quest notifications, and probably best of all, support for game controllers via Google’s new gamepad standard.

Leo’s Fortune isn’t free, however, and carries a $4.99 price tag. But for quality of visuals and content, that might very well be a worthwhile price to pay. And for maximum replayability, the game includes a Hardcore mode were you try to complete the game as fast as possible without dying a single time and competing with your friends’ own hardcore scores.

Download: Leo’s Fortune on Google Play Store