If you’ve got friends using iPhones, you may have seen them sport some add-on lenses for their sharp shooter. There are a lot of aftermarket lenses for the iPhone; it sells well, and has a single form factor. Android users haven’t been so lucky, but popular Kickstarter team Lensbaby is changing that.

The project, which has eight days to go and sees the team having already doubled up on their original $20,000 goal, added a $50 pledge just for Android users. Creating a blurred effect outside of a focal point, Lensbaby’s Sweet Spot lens takes photo effects back to hardware. We’ve toyed with similar effects via software on several phones, but Lensbaby likely gives a better effect for the serious mobile photographer.

Originally designed for the iPhone, the lens attaches with a stainless steel ring that affixes to your device, around the exisiting camera lens. Lensbaby had the following to say about how their offering would work for Android users:

There are obviously a LOT of Android phones out there with varying shapes, sizes and technical specs. We’ve tested the lens on a few, but not nearly all. If our stainless-steel ring will fit over your phone’s lens, you should be able to attach our Sweet Spot Lens. Just remember: if you’re unhappy with your lens purchase for any reason, it’s risk-free as we’ll give you a full refund for 30 days after you receive your lens.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many can back the Android portion of the project for $50, but the Kickstarter will only be open for eight more days. The estimated “delivery” on an Android app for Lensbaby is October 2014, so there is still a slight wait involved.

Source: Kickstarter