Lenovo’s new smartphones here at CES really are subtly impressive. Though Lenovo isn’t a name you might think of when considering a smartphone, they should be. With a solid build quality that somehow feels light as a feather, the Lenovo S930 impressed us quite a bit. While not a spec heavy device, it’s solidly useful day-to-day.

The screen is a big, bold 6-inch display, and sports resolution of 1280 x 720. Like their other offerings, it has a really wide viewing angle at 178 degrees. It’s also only 8.65mm thin, and 170 grams. Under the hood, MediaTek’s quad-core processor runs the show at 1.3GHz. The 8MP rear shooter compliments a front-facing camera at 1.6MP, and both do a capable job.

One amazing feature is the dual front-facing speakers. Since the HTC One, we’ve longed for someone to pick up on that. Lenovo has, and brought Dolby Digital with it. Even in a crowded, noisy hall at CES, we were able to hear the video loud and clear. The sound was crisp, even at higher volumes, and there was no distortion to speak of. Lenovo tells us this one is a media consumer’s dream come true, and they’re right.

It’s running Android 4.2 as well, but if you’re into media, this is one you should take a look at. The big, bright screen and excellent audio made us take note, and the dual SIM feature is also handy. If you’re worried about storage, the Lenovo S930 can support Micro SD Cards up to 64GB, so feel free to download all the movies and TV you like!