Before we get caught in the idea of a Lenovo foldable phone, the company still has other smartphones in store for the public. There’s the Lenovo Tab V7 and Lenovo Tab E10 announced in February. The several Motorola phones can be considered but under the Lenovo brand, there’s also the new Lenovo Z6 Pro. This is the first time we’re hearing about the next-gen Lenovo Z phone that follows the Lenovo Z5 Pro but we only have a video teaser and the product page.

Officially called as the Lenovo Z6 Pro, this smartphone is marketed with a Hyper Video feature. We don’t know much about the new flagship device but we’re assuming it will be more video-centric. If you’re the type who always captures the moment in videos and not just photos, then this could be for you.

The Lenovo Z6 Pro is said to feature a notchless display. The selfie camera is initially said to be hidden as made possible by a pop-up selfie mechanism. However, that information is proven not to be true because of the notch shown off in the teaser.

We’ll get to know the final specs and design once the April 23 launch is over. The Lenovo Z6 Pro is already listed on Lenovo China with the following: 6.39-inch screen, Snapdragon 855 octa-core processor, 128GB onboard storage, 4000mAh battery, 6GB of RAM, and the multiple cameras (48MP + 8MP + 5MP lens + ToF) with an 8-axis OIS, ToF and PDAF multiple AI rapid focus, six-axis gyroscope anti-shake, clear capture of motion posture, and multi-anti-shake solution among others.

Watch the teaser video below:

The highly anticipated 5G support will also be ready from the Lenovo Z6 Pro. That’s something expected since some Motorola phones have the same technology.

No information on pricing and availability yet. We’re looking at a Q2 arrival or just in time for summer.