More Chromebooks are coming. No, it’s not because it’s the holidays but because OEMs know there is a market for Chrome OS-powered notebooks especially now that they are able to run Android apps and support the Google Play Store. We’ve featured quite a few Chromebooks already the past years and we’re expecting more will be added to the list with recent enhancement to the system.

One model we can get excited about is this 2-in-1 Yoga Book that is actually a hybrid laptop-tablet. Feel free to take notes, draw, or sketch on the tablet display. When you need to type longer text, you can attach it to a keyboard. We already got our hands on one when it was released a few months ago and we noted that it’s an odd blend of analog and digital. It appears retro stylish but it really is a modern mobile device with a $499 starting price.

For this particular device and many other reasons, Lenovo has been named as the Most Innovative Tech Company of 2016 by Tom’s Guide. The website is popular for its comprehensive reviews and performance analyses and we can say it’s an honor for Lenovo to be considered. The company has been brave and busy enough to reinvent and innovate some products, services, and technologies into newer and more interesting ones.

The Yoga Book is one but we can all agree that making writing in pen on paper to something digital is surprisingly innovative. The device can digitize whatever it is you write on paper automatically and conveniently. The keyboard reappears when you need it as a touchbase-keyboard. There’s no physical QWERTY keys so it still is fully touch digital.

The Yoga Book was previously introduced running Windows software but in a few months from now, a Chrome OS version will be sold in the market.

VIA: Tom’s Guide