So we have to put in some weird spins now on tech news regarding Lenovo, due to the main fact that they own the Moto branding now. That acquisition has so far been OK for the Taiwan-based company, but we will have to wait for the next major Moto phones to really judge that move. This new leak presents what is supposed to be the Lenovo Vibe C2, although the product numbering might also hint at a Moto connection.

The Lenovo Vibe C2 is an entry level phone, if you judge by the purported specs. It will give you a 5-inch HD 720p display powered by a MediaTek MT6735P chipset, 1GB RAM and up to 16GB in internal storage. Lest you judge that processor by name, the MT6735 performs mostly like the Snapdragon 410, or maybe slightly better. Other specs report a modest 8MP/5MP camera combo, LTE connectivity, WiFi and Bluetooth, all powered by a 2,750mAh battery.


The interesting line maybe the product number of the said phone, which is XT1021. That suspiciously looks very close to the Moto E model numbers XT1527, XT1511, XT1505 & XT1524. Of course, this is purely speculation on our part, but you never know.


This phone will most likely be marketed in Asia as the Lenovo Vibe C2, because the company has released the Vibe C in the market as well. Only time will tell if this same phone will be marketed as the Motorola Moto E in other territories. Check out more photos at the source link below.