Lenovo has just detailed and tipped our friends from SlashGear off regarding their update timeline for the ThinkPad Tablet. While they didn’t give us an extremely clear idea they were nice enough to mention the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be here inside of Spring 2012. Basically within the next few weeks, or a couple of months.

Along with the awesome UI and performance improvements from 4.0 ICS we’ll also get the face unlock features shown on the Galaxy Nexus too. The ThinkPad tablet was one of the few Honeycomb tablets to also come with built-in navigation buttons, and those obviously will be sticking around with Ice Cream Sandwich as they are a part of the tablet. So we’ll have two options for navigation.

Lenovo didn’t give any details on their K1 tablet but we should expect an update to land for both of their Honeycomb tablets within a similar time frame. Along with the improved browser, voice input, face recognition, and more the stylus and mouse support will be even more present with Ice Cream Sandwich. This was a business minded tablet before — and will be the same moving forward. Users can expect the over-the-air update to land soon, so stay tuned.

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