Lenovo may not be top mobile OEM in the world today but it has both the Lenovo and Motorola advantage. Motorola smartphones are selling very well especially in key regions like Brazil. Lenovo still has some Android phones in the works like the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT and Lenovo Z5s. There are also smart home products like the Lenovo Smart Display as part of the Lenovo Smart Home Essentials. There are also Android tablets and Chromebooks. The last tablet we featured was two quarters ago when the Lenovo Android tablets were announced and made ready for market release.

The latest Android tablet from the company is the Lenovo Tab E10. This model follows the other tablets that rolled out last August (Lenovo Tab E7, Tab E8, Tab M10, and Tab P10).

The Lenovo Tab E10 was also part of that lineup but it’s only now the 10.1-inch tablet will be made available in the United States. It’s ideal for family entertainment with its size, vibrant HD screen, Dolby Atmos audio, and other child-friendly features.

Like with any other kids tablets, the Lenovo Tab E10 can block inappropriate content. Parents need peace of mind and this $129 Android tablet can offer that.

You can share your device with the children. The kids can be safe with personal profiles set by the parents or guardians. The adults can set what the children can visit, play, and access.

The seven-hour long battery is enough to entertain the kids, especially during a long trip. Of course, we don’t recommend tablet use that long. Moderation is still key when it comes to gadget use.

SOURCE: Lenovo