Aside from the smart clock, there is the Lenovo Smart Tab joining the Lenovo Smart Home Essentials family. There is no shortage of new smart home products especially since the smart display ship has sailed last year. The Lenovo Smart Display is one of the pioneers and is now being joined by this Smart Tab that works with either Alexa of the Google Assistant. It’s a 2-in-1 tablet that works as a smart screen for the home–perfect for the whole family.

The Lenovo Smart Tab comes with Amazon Alexa so you can ask the device questions and give instructions for your smart home. It works with the Lenovo Smart Dock so you can enjoy the device in “Show Mode” as you want your favorite movies and shows.

This one is mainly a 10-inch Android tablet but it transforms into a smart home hub once docked. The dock also charges the Lenovo Smart Tab. The full-range stereo speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes from Amazon Music or other media apps wherever you are at home.

Use the Lenovo Smart Tab to check the weather, be updated with traffic, or view recipes online. Check Amazon Prime video for the latest movies.

The Lenovo Smart Tab with Tab P10 costs $299.99 while the Lenovo Smart Tab with Tab M10 is $199.99. Both are available for pre-order this January.