If you’ve been wanting to add a frame to your wall but can’t decide what print or painting to get, why not just put a smart device out there that can change constantly? The Lenovo Smart Frame is bigger than your average smart frame which means you can mount in on your wall. And while its original price tag may not be as enticing, they will be putting it up first on IndieGoGo and will be offering a 50% discount for those early adaptors.

The Lenovo Smart Frame has a 21.5-inch screen to display your digital photos. It has matting and a matte, anti-glare display plus a color tone sensor. This means you’ll be able to automatically adjust the temperature and brightness depending on your room’s lighting conditions. It has a Full HD display so picture quality should not be an issue. You can mount in on your wall but it’s also designed to rotate so you can choose the orientation to match your pictures.

You can sync your Google Photos account so you can pull in auto-collages and suggested pictures from your collection. But it also has a catalog of famous art that you can use if you’re feeling a bit more artsy and cultured. The images can be controlled through touch gestures, waving your hand in front of the sensor which is located at the bottom, or by controlling it through your smartphone.

Initially, they will be offering it on IndieGoGo not to raise funds for it but to offer a 50% discount. So if you buy it from there for a limited time and with limited stocks only, you’ll just have to pay around $200 instead of the $399 SRP. They did not say however how many frames they will put up there. The original release of August for this device in the bigger market will still push through as per Lenovo, despite possible delays due to the pandemic.

Another reason why Lenovo wants to put their Smart Frame on IndieGoGo is they want to develop a community within that platform. They believe those who are passionate about the brand will be able to contribute to early feedback for future products as well as participate in things like polls, crowdsourced ideas, etc to develop their future products. You can sign up on their website if you want to know when the campaign will launch.


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