There is no shortage of smart speakers and smart devices to choose from, whether you want something to play your music or to do video calls with or to control your smart devices. But if what you need is more help in falling asleep and waking up, Google has partnered with Lenovo to create a device that is built specifically for that but also has several other smart capabilities. The Lenovo Smart Clock is powered by Google Assistant and so you’ll be able to have other powers aside from waking up more pleasantly and falling asleep more easily.

The Lenovo Smart Clock has a 4-inch interactive screen and because it is powered by the Google Assistant, you’ll get all the features that you can do with the virtual assistant in your other devices. So you’ll be able to play podcasts and audiobooks, control your connected smart home devices, ask for weather information and calendar schedule, etc. You can also use Routines so you can enable multiple actions with just one command.

But since it has smart clock in its name, it also has additional features to help you with your sleeping and waking habits. It will suggest the best time for you to wake up based on your alarm history as well as the events on your calendar. So if you have an early Monday meeting, it will suggest waking up earlier than usual to make it on time. The Sunrise Alarm feature will gradually increase the brightness of your screen 30 minutes before your alarm so that you’ll wake up “naturally”.

In case you don’t need to wake up that early or you want a few more minutes of extra sleep, you can just give your clock a hard tap or say “stop” (no need to preface that with Hey Google). And while you’re sleeping, the screen will turn darker so you won’t get disturbed by its light. It also has a USB port so you can charge your phone overnight.

The Lenovo Smart Clock will be available in the US and later on, the UK and Australia. It will cost you just $79.99 and is compatible with other smart speakers and smart displays.