Lenovo now owns Motorola. The brand actually sells more Moto phones than Lenovo phones although we have no idea about the numbers. We just know Motorola has been busy the past months working on new Moto phones like the Moto X4 Android One, Moto Z3, and Moto E5 Play. There are the new Motorola-branded phones too–the Motorola P30, Motorola One Power, and Motorola One. The year isn’t over but we believe there are more phones to be introduced from the Moto C, Moto M, and Moto X Lines.

Well, that’s what we want to believe but Evan Blass (@evleaks) just shared the possibility “Lenovo may have cut the Moto C, M, and X lines this year”. That could be no new phones from the said series for the rest of 2018 or they will be totally discontinued.

That may be sad news for loyal fans of those phones but don’t worry, there will still be the Moto G phones. In 2019, Motorola will introduce different variants of the Moto G. There will be the Moto G Standard, Moto G Play, G Plus, and Moto G Power. We’re assuming it will already be the Moto G7 so we can expect Moto G7 Play, Moto G7 Plus, and Moto G7 Power.

There is no mention if the Moto E or Moto Z will be retained but we’re crossing our fingers.