Lenovo is trying to bridge the gap between working on your smartphone – a daily task but always an incomplete one because of the small screen and lack of mouse and keyboard – and working on your regular desktop or laptop PC. You can choose to transfer from one device to another, or you can just use the Lenovo LINK 32GB dongle, which allows users to have immersive and full control of their smartphone devices from the ease of their big screen computer displays.

The Lenovo LINK 32GB is a dongle that you connect to a USB 3.0 port on your laptop (we have no word yet if it will work on a USB 2.0 port). Announced today at CES 2016, the Lenovo LINK 32GB creates a mirror image – “picture-in-picture” – of your smartphone on the full screen of your PC and allows you to work with your smartphone from your PC.

Lenovo LINK 32GB_2

If you don’t realize how great that is, imagine working on your PC, and then being able to instantly open and control – with a mouse and keyboard – an app on your phone. Great, yes? Not only is it an interface, you can also charge your smartphone, copy and paste text, drag and drop files, music and videos across operating systems from your PC to smartphone.

The bottom line of the Lenovo LINK 32GB is that it makes living with a laptop and a smartphone that less miserable. Transferring files, working on documents even from within the phone file system, all of that will be a reality – all for the price of USD$39.99, and of course, a USB 3.0 port.