In promoting an upcoming event, Lenovo is quick to point out that “A #betterway is coming”. On October 30th, Lenovo will host an event which they suggest will give us a new direction forward, and perhaps even a few new devices.

In a series of videos, Lenovo is clearly poking a bit of fun at the current state of tablets, or at least screens as we use them. The videos, which you can see below, offer an interesting take on how we interact with tablets. The first, in which someone saws a tennis ball in half to glue on the back of their device for grip, may indicate some sort of new tackiness on the back of a device… or a really awesome bounce-back feature for when you drop your device.

The second has a tablet with some letter magnets glued to the back, then affixed to a refrigerator. That could mean some sort of new appliance (ugh), or (hopefully) a device which has some magnetic capability. One thing can be gleaned from both of those videos, and that’s that Lenovo thinks the add-on is a bad idea, leading us to think they’ll group functionality straight into (onto?) the tablet.

The third, in which a girl is running a power cord out to a dock, suggests that Lenovo is going to introduce some new power features to their device(s). Perhaps a battery saving mode, or just an advanced way to power a device while running. We should note that we’re not even totally sure these will be Android tablets, but if they are… we’ll be sure to keep you up to date when they launch on the 30th!

VIA: SlashGear