Along with the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, Lenovo also introduced a suite of apps. This is the DOit suite of apps, and there will be five in total. While the apps were unveiled along with the tablet, they will also be appearing on other Lenovo devices, including those currently available. Furthermore, they will also work with other devices. To that last point, our hands-on time with the apps included a Moto X.

SNAPit and SEEit


The suite includes; SNAPit, SEEit, SHAREit, SYNCit, and SECUREit. The first two deal with the camera, both capturing and sharing images. More than just that, the SNAPit aspect involves a complete array of filters. And nicely, these are live filters — meaning you capture the image as the filter option you choose, as opposed to snapping the picture and then filtering afterward. The SEEit portion allows for editing and image management. The video sitting below offers a bit of a walkthrough for SEEit and SHAREit.



Next up is SHAREit. This, as the name would suggest — allows you to share things. This includes images, but also goes to numerous other file types including audio, video and documents. This portion will work not only with other smartphones or tablets running the SHAREit app, but also with a computer. Lenovo even mentioned support for iOS, which means you’ll be able to easily share with your non-Android friends.



The last two here are SYNCit and SECUREit. Again, the names offer a good suggestion as to what these will both offer. The former allows the user to backup and restore contacts, as well as SMS messages and also call logs. The former is aimed at helping to speed up your device, and also scan them for viruses and other malware. Just like the previously mentioned DOit apps — these last two are shown in the video sitting below.