Lenovo is all set to start shipping their newest tablet offering. The Lenovo A1 Android 2.3 Gingerbread tablet with a 7″ display and powerful 1.0 Ghz processor. First spied way back in July, it was officially announced at the beginning of September coming in with 4 awesome color options available, we have all the details below.

The Lenovo IdeaPad A1 is an affordable 7″ Android 2.3 Tab. It will feature a TI OMAP 3622 Cortex A8 1.0 Ghz single-core processor, a 5 MP rear and 2.0 front facing camera. Coming in at 11.9mm thin (0.46 inch), and weighing just 400g. Lenovo is using a magnesium alloy roll-cage internal frame design to keep the tablet strong, yet thin,light and affordable. The 7″ LED display will have a 1024 x 600 resolution similar to the Galaxy Tab 7 and offers a great visual experience.

Starting at just $199 the IdeaPad A1 comes in 4 bright colors shown above. We have 2GB of internal storage for just $199, then all available colors are being offered with 16GB storage for just $249. This may not be a powerhouse Honeycomb tablet, but for the price you have a pretty well rounded Gingerbread tablet that is portable and should fit many users budget. My only concern is the $199 dual-core Kindle Fire might have something to say here, just a thought. Although we do have dual cameras and full Google support on the A1, rather than Amazon’s ecosystem they’ve been building with the Fire.

For full details on the Lenovo A1 tablet head over to Lenovo.com, for a more detailed breakdown on colors and pricing you can click here. They are available for order right now and will begin shipping October 27th.


  1. Someone please explain GPS in offline mode? How does it get a fix on you as you drive, and if I have a mifi will it work the same as an aGPS phone does?

    Lenovo shows no information about it other than it has it.

    • Hey Vi — it means it has its own GPS CHIP in the unit, so you turn it on and it reads the satellite signal independent of the i-net or your provider. Like a stand alone GPS unit. You will need an app for the map details. The gps chip gets the data from the satellite (numbers for Lat-Lon) and the app interprets them and plugs them into the map on your screen. As you move, the satellite numbers change and your position (the numbers) change and your icon moves on the screen. They say a Nav Map app comes with the unit. I will see when I get my 16 gig A1. Phones and other Tablets use the internet to position you – – usually off the phone towers, triangulate you — and the other software is web-based and maps from the net.  This A1 unit should be cooler than that. Hope this helps. jpc

    • true, but you’ll want that for web browsing (although they have the new Silk browser to help with that) but the dual-core will keep things speedy, multitasking smooth, and the countless games available in the Amazon AppStore playing great.

      but yea that is one powerful e-reader

  2. As a 10″ Android tablet owner and an Android phone owner, I’m really unsure of the 7″ tablets because to me they seem like they’re bigger than a phone but smaller than a 10″ tablet. For the little extra money, I prefer the extra few inches of display space. Although, on the other hand, this tablet is probably a lot lighter than my Acer Iconia A500 which can get a little heavy after using it for a while.


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