LEGO lovers and geeks are in for a treat. The last related feature we had was the LEGO Hidden Side combining the real world and the hidden world. Believe it or not, that was over two years since Lego Ninjago Movie Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Kids Tablet 7.0 was launched. So we haven’t been featuring all things LEGO but we still remember that ‘LEGO Life’ social media app and the ‘Lego Movie Video Game’ arriving for Android. There’s also the LEGO Star Wars Force Builder’ and the ‘LEGO Jurassic World’.

The latest game is this LEGO Tower developed by NimbleBit. The simulation and pretend play app is perfect for anyone who loves to create new stuff.

Design your own LEGO Tower on screen and maybe create an actual one in real life. In this day and age where simulation programs are getting more popular (think Minecraft), it will be fun to come up with your own LEGO building where your minifigs can survive.

The LEGO Tower allows you to make your own tower and visit friends’ towers whenever you feel like it. Trading items is possible. Help your friend build his own Lego tower while you discover more characters that may be hidden.

The game was announced earlier in March as an idle simulation mobile game. LEGO Tower may remind you of Tiny Tower, another game from the same developer. This new mobile world is something kids and adults alike will enjoy.

If you grew up playing with LEGO bricks, now is the time to go crazy with your creation even in the digital work. Building is faster and more exciting because you can unleash your creativity without having to worry about making a mess or destroying what you’ve built.

The game may be offered with a price. Special in-app items may also be available. Pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store to get early access.