Addicted to Minecraft? Consider a new strategy game called the LEGO Creator Islands. That’s right—it’s LEGO. This new app for Android lets you build your own island complete with Minifigures living and defending and rebuilding it.

The goal of the game is to build a main island for the LEGO Creator Minifigs. You can build more islands around it while keeping an eye on the island. You need to make sure the main island is protected. There will be times that you will have to rebuild it. Every time a new model is built, you can earn yellow bricks to make bigger things, allowing you to unlock more LEGO Creator models. Building models on this game can be fun and easy as you can also rotate and zoom to see all details.

The unlocked LEGO Creator models are then used to play the entire game. Unleash your creativity by building more vehicles, creatures, and houses on the island. There’s a map of the LEGO Creator Islands available to help you navigate. Earn more yellow bricks to build new models and unlock the LEGO Creator Rabbit and the LEGO Creator Power Digger. Actually, you can do and build anything you want on the island because you are the main LEGO Creator here.

This LEGO Creator Islands is like a mashup of Minecraft and Clash of Clans. I’m pretty sure you are excited as I am being a real fan of LEGO. Everthing is awesome! (Ready? Sing!)

Download LEGO Creator Islands app for Android from Google Play Store