In most parts of the world, the end of school is coming. Students, teachers, and parents have started their countdown to the last day of having to get up early in the morning. And by now, parents must be going crazy thinking of how to entertain their children during summer. Parents with young kids especially need to be very creative. For some kids, they’re free to play all the mobile games they want but with certain limits and restrictions. Rules must be followed. For others, they will only be allowed to errr…read books.

Nothing wrong if that is your parenting style but while we’re at it, may we suggest you download the Rivet app from the Google Play Store. Developed by Area 120, this app is meant for “better reading practice”.

Children need to learn how to read. It’s not enough they just know but it’s important if they master it and be proficient. This reading app is a result of one of Google’s workshop for experimental projects. It’s offered free for everyone and we’re hoping many families will check this out.

Rivet aims to improve the reading practice of the children. If you’re an adult and want to improve further (read: want to be smarter), you are free to try the app. Hopefully, your kid will learn to love reading books.

Rivet offers access to materials stored in a digital library of more than 2,000 books in 8 reading levels. The team behind the mobile app has reviewed every book. Books are listed by level of difficulty so young readers know how to start.

An advanced speech technology is also used to bring reading support. Kids are given feedback on their reading so they can really practice. Other highlights of the Rivet app include Tap for Help, Say the Word, Definitions and Translations, Follow Along, Real-time Feedback, plus Rewards when a milestone is reached.