When it comes to drawing superheroes, or even just “normal” people, some of the most in-demand artists are from comic book studios like Marvel. To be able to learn from artists who have worked (or are currently working) there would be a treat, but of course not everyone can have that opportunity. Well, until now that is. Will Sliney, an Irish artist known for his work in Spiderman and other Marvel titles, has just created an app that will let you learn from him as he teaches both beginners and those advanced artists as well.

The app is simply called Learn How to Draw and is basically a compilation of all these drawing video tutorials that Will has been able to put together. The great thing about it is that there are 3 levels that are available so wherever you are in the drawing spectrum, you will still be able to follow and learn something. Level 1 or the beginners of course, shows how you can create simple shapes that will actually be the building blocks so to speak, of the future superhero that you will draw. If you’re just starting out on your drawing journey, this will be the perfect place to start.

Level 2 moves on to the next, well, level, and teaches you about how the shapes and anatomy work together to create those heroes that you want to draw. Level 3 is for the advanced artists, focusing on the details like muscles, sculptural planes, etc. There are more than a hundred videos already in the app and new content will be added every Monday.

You can download Learn How to Draw from the Google Play Store for free. This is a great opportunity for you to learn to draw from someone who knows how to create characters that the public actually reads/watches.