competent business without a team of savvy programmers to build websites, manage data, and oversee its cybersecurity? Pursuing a career in programming can be quite lucrative, but you’ll need to develop skills in the areas that are most relevant today — not last year or even last month.

But there are dozens of programming languages in the industry, so where should you start? The Complete Learn to Code Bundle will teach you how to code in several of the industry’s most widely used languages for $31. Here’s a taste of what this bundle includes:

The Total Web Development Course is an excellent guide for beginners with little-to-no programming experience. It includes 281 lessons illustrating popular languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. The course also features real-world examples to give readers a practical, hands-on approach to learning to code.

Another widely used language is Python, and the Python Tutorial: Learn by Coding course is designed to get you started. This course progresses from the basics of Python such as using scripts to advanced lessons in using Python with MySQL, Comprehensions, and Lambda functions.

If your dream is to work with a social network such as Facebook or to create your own, the Learn Web Development by Creating a Social Network course is a great foundational course. The project-based approach will introduce you to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all vital to web development.

These courses and more (ten courses in total) would cost you $1,043 individually, but The Complete Learn to Code Bundle includes all of them for $31, or 97% off.

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