Are you an Android user who has been interested in dabbling in the arcane art that is programming? Or maybe you’re already an app developer dreaming of spreading your wings into other but related ventures? You probably also thought that while self-taught is good, getting the insights of a live expert would be even better. If you find yourself nodding to any of these, then our latest deal might be to your taste. With this Interactive Coding Bootcamp, not only do you learn the ropes of back- and front-end software development, you’ll even have access to instructors while doing so.

We’ve offered quite a few deals and bundles on teach yourself types of courses that take you through developing Android apps or even your own websites, but truth be told, there is still some treasure to be gleaned from interacting with a real human being, capable of answering your questions and guiding your hand. Virtually, of course. That is exactly what this deal offers you. More than just the 33+ hours of instructional video content, you also have access to instructors who can guide you through video chat or screen sharing. Now you get your own personal tutor, no matter where you are in the world. All you need is an Internet connection.

While the Interactive Coding Bootcamp doesn’t touch on Android app development per se, it does build up skills that could be useful in a development career beyond Android. You get to learn front-end development using HTML, CSS, Javascript and its cousins. You also get your hands dirty with back-end work using Ruby on Rails, Node.js, databases and more. And at the end of it all, you get to work on real-world apps and projects that you can add to your portfolio for getting a job or even starting your own.

The Interactive Coding Bootcamp is currently priced at $39, which is a super sweet deal considering the original price ir $499. The courses are delivered by Coder Manual, a training program service that not only teaches you how to be a programmer, but also helps you to actually get a job out of it.

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