It’s been a revealing day for T-Mobile, at least if the latest leak from TmoNews is to be believed. A new roadmap is giving us possible release dates for a bunch of devices, including the LG Optimus L9. According to the roadmap, the Optimus L9 should be hitting T-Mobile’s shelves on October 31, so if you’re a T-Mobile customer who has been waiting to get their hands on an L9, you might not have much longer to wait before it becomes available.

There’s also a listing for a Galaxy S II Color Refresh in the roadmap, which at first we thought was some kind of typo. T-Mobile does indeed seem to be getting a new Galaxy S II color though, as TmoNews posted pictures of the new device shortly after leaking the roadmap. So there you go – if it’s a Galaxy S II you want, you might have another color option at T-Mobile on October 29.

T-Mobile is apparently getting the Huawei Summit on October 31, which appears to be a new Android handset from the Chinese manufacturer. Other than that, however, details are slim, meaning that we don’t yet have any information on the specs of the device. It looks like we’ll have to wait for those, but we’re not expecting the Summit to be a top-of-the-line phone if that helps any.

Moving right along, we have a listing for what might just be the most intriguing Android device listed in this roadmap: the “Samsung Toba.” No one knows what this new device is, but the folks at TmoNews have a feeling it could be a new Samsung tablet. On the other hand, this could be a codename for T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note II, but with no details on the Toba whatsoever, it’s hard to say for sure. Whatever it is, we’ll find out on November 7, which is when the device is apparently scheduled to launch at T-Mobile.

So, it looks like the next few weeks will be pretty busy for T-Mobile, at least as far as new product launches go. The Toba in particular is very intriguing, but the fact that we know next to nothing about it is the main reason for our interest in the device. We’ll be on the lookout for more details as we approach these launch dates, so keep it tuned here to Android Community for new information!

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