While Apple still has to confirm whether or not there will be an Android version of Apple Music, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from constantly churning. Now we have leaked photos showing screenshots of what may be a test version of their music service running on an Android device. This is a logical next move for the music streaming service, as most of their competitors like Spotify, Tidal, and even Google Music, are available cross-platform.

The screenshots seem to be taken from a German-language device and shows off a preview program of what looks like Apple Music. It also shows off some features that may be in the Android app, if ever there will be one, like Beats 1 radio, recommendations, and even Apple Music Connect where musicians and artists can share blogs with their fans. One other thing to look forward to is the integration with users’ other music, where you can share your playlists and albums with other users. But the screenshots also show there may have been server issues with that last one.

Of course, we cannot possibly rely on screenshots, since these could easily be faked, or may just be the wishful thinking of some Android fan wishing for this particular iOS app. But even though Apple hasn’t had a history of creating apps for its fiercest competitor (expect for the ill-fated Move to iOS app), people will not be surprised if they do release an Android app. Other music streaming services are available both on iOS and Android, and so this may be golden opportunity for them to expand their market.

In particular, Apple Music’s family plan, which will let six people share a subscription for a lower amount than if you get six individual ones, will be good for a family or group of friends who have various devices, not necessarily iOS. Let’s wait and see if these screenshots, and if these rumors, will come to fruition.

VIA: SlashGear


  1. Funny how Apple thinks Android users will pay for their crappy service when we get 50 000 song storage on google music and can get other radio type music streaming for free with Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Milk, Songza, Rdio, Sling, 8Tracks…just to name a few. I can already see the day where Apple publishes their streaming app and Google rejecting it on ground that it emulated functions found in the core Android experience…….KARMA IS A BITCH


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