LG might not still be giving anything away (at least not officially) about their upcoming new flagship, the LG G4, but that doesn’t mean we’re any short of rumors, speculation, and today, supposed leaked photos. However, we are not sure if what we’re supposed to be looking at is the flagship or a variant of it, the LG G4 Note. It’s most likely the latter, as no flagship from the Korean OEM has yet ever had a “dent” on top like the one we’re seeing in this picture.

No, that dent doesn’t mean it’s damaged. It actually looks like a space for either an antenna or a stylus. And given that major smartphone makers don’t necessarily put antennas on their devices, we’re betting it’s the latter. If you remember, the LG G3 Stylus, a mid-level variant of the current flagship , had a silo for its pen at almost exactly the same spot.

If the strong rumors about the LG G4 having a curved body are true, then the picture shows it’s as straight as the other smartphones, so then this must be another model, most likely the LG G4 Note. Adding to that the aforementioned silo for the stylus, this is the most likely product being displayed. It’s a little bit different than the current flagship, with the camera sensor more of a square and then the power button more elongated.

The other leaked images show the software details, and it looks like it will be running on Android 5.0.2, not the 5.1 we’ve been seeing in Nexus devices. And it also carries the Material Design visual guidelines that the LG G 3 already espoused. Hopefully, we’ll find out more in the next few days or weeks.

VIA: SlashGear