So right up front, you have to take this picture with a grain of salt. One look at the comments section at the source link shows how easy it is to Photoshop images like these. And when we’re starving for data on what is supposedly Motorola’s effort on a new Nexus phone, anything can be real. And so this image claims to be the device they name-coded “Shamu”, also known as “Free Willy” and “Whale Wars.”

If we take the image to be true, then this is one massive phone, and we’re afraid that Motorola – and by extension Google – might miss the mark, IF this is indeed the new Nexus 6 phone. The phone is pictured beside an LG G3, which is all of 5.5 inches in itself already. This “Shamu” phone easily beats 5.5 inches from the way this image looks.


If you’re thinking that this back plate looks familiar, that’s because it is. It looks like the back of the new Moto X – same design language all over. In fact it is very easy to Photoshop the back of a Moto X with this material and conveniently place the scotch tape and “Shamu” label there. You know how it goes.

So until we get something more solid than this, I suggest we defer our opinions until then. We just have to accept that there is very little in the form of good images showing/leaking Motorola‘s Nexus 6 phone out there. What do you think about this image?

VIA: Droid Life