It’s been a long-time coming (well, 7 months, but in tech world that’s forever) but it looks like your favorite jack-of-all-trades video player will finally be able to support Google’s streaming dongle. If the changelog in the Git repo is to be believed, the next update to VLC will finally feature support for Chromecast, something that a lot of people are excited about, even though this was something “promised” (well, sort of) June of last year.

VLC is considered by many to be the go-to video player on your desktop, laptop, or mobile, because it can play almost any format. When they said last year, when Chromecast was still pretty new, that they intended to support the media-streaming dongle, people were eager to have the best of both worlds. But then we waited and waited, and finally thought that the day will never come. But based on the changelog of the upcoming VLC 3.0, the Stream Output part shows that it will finally have a Chromecast output module.


Because VLC is an open-source project, you can easily check on what are their ongoing and future plans when it comes to updating the app. Well, unless they suddenly encounter more problems or they change their mind, then it looks like we can finally expect it in the next few weeks (hopefully not months). Whether or not it will come to Android or iOS first is the question. But it will probably the former, since Google provides APIs for developers.

Just last month, VLC released a preview build for their Android TV app. While it still had a lot of bugs and kinks to work out (it’s in beta mode after all), it looks pretty impressive. Now let’s just wait and see which one will be released first.

VIA: OMG Chrome