Browsing is one of the top things where you spend your precious data allocation on, so it makes sense for Google to try to help out with that. Coming soon to Chrome for Android will be a feature called Blink LazyLoad, and it will help you do just that. It will do this by stopping webpages from loading elements which are not needed yet. Practically, you might see webpages load with the visible top portion first, and then load bottom elements as you scroll down.

Google is looking to implement Blink LazyLoad on Android first, since they say that “the benefits of LazyLoad will likely have the most impact on Android.” This feature will undergo testing and if successful, rolling it out to other platforms will be considered. Those “other platforms” will likely mean every other device and platform that can run a Chrome browser app or program.

There are two elements to LazyLoad – Blink LazyFrames, and Blink LazyImages. In layman’s terms, there will be times when the loading of javascript and graphics frames will be deferred to save you data. The same will go for images. To make sure that the design of webpages stay more or less the same, an appropriately sized rectangular placeholder will be used when an image load is deferred. Images will be deferred until they’re called upon by the user – that is, when you scrolls down near those images.

Appropriately, testing of LazyLoad will be done on the Chrome Dev app. Hopefully the implementation goes well, as this will be a big help for people who work and browse a lot on the go.

SOURCE: SlashGear


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