A couple of months after they released it on that other platform, Instagram has finally released their companion app called Layout from Instagram, this time for Android devices. It is a collage-making app that comes from the fact that a lot of people don’t just want to post a single photo but rather a series of pictures on their Instagram accounts. The collage-making app is perfect for those who don’t want to use third-party apps but instead a fully authorized one in making their scrapbook-style photo posts.

Unlike most third-party apps where you get to choose the layout first and then add the photos you want to put, this app does it in reverse. You choose the photos that you will use in the collage, and then it will give you the suggested layouts for those number of pictures. You can also “remix” up to 9 of your photos so that you can give them fun layouts. Once you’ve created your layout, you can save them to your camera roll and them share them immediately to Instagram (or other social networks as well) using the usual filters and creative tools on the photo sharing app.

It also has a Photo Booth mode where you can take 1-4 quick shots that you can immediately layout already using the suggested grids. The Faces tab narrows down your photos to those that have people in them, while the Recents tab shows you the last 30 photos that you’ve used for Layout. It also has mirror, flip or replace image options easily available so you can play around with the layout and the format.

You can download Layout from Instagram from the Google Play Store for free. You can now let go of those third-party apps you used to use for your collages, although they may have more features than Layout, so you can also keep them as back-up or as suggestions to Instagram to add to their future updates.