For those that don’t know. Launcher Pro is a home replacement app that is probably the most popular for Android, next to maybe ADW. It changes the look and feel of your device. With LauncherPro you get tons of features and enhancements, you can speed up home screen scrolling, add as many or as little home screens as you’d like, and more. Most of you should know plenty about LP already.

It is now available in the Android Market and has all the newest features that have been added in there. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is a good time. Widget theme support, and many other options make LP great. It gives you widgets like HTC Sense, but better and more, and are all highly highly customizable.

LP is free in the market where I linked to above, but if you get LauncherPro Plus you will unlock all the features this amazing home replacement has to offer, re-size your widgets and more, friends stream widgets, you name it. There is to many features to list. Check it out yourself. Before it was only available with Paypal, but now with all the payment options in Android you can get LP Plus in the Android Market Now. Feel free to check it out, or comment below if you like LP, or ADW better. I use ADW EX myself.