A man after Google’s own Beta loving heart, Federico Carnales, the developer responsible for the zippy home replacement, Launcher Pro, has moved his music app into beta today. The app, which originally looked much like the Windows Phone 7 music player, now totes a highly customizable skinning engine, which Fed will release details on shortly. The real question though is, how does it stack up to Google’s new Music app?

UberMusic, as the app is called, is undeniably pretty. All sorts of cool little things ranging from downloading pictures of a band to use as backgrounds for their music, to letting you prevent the phone from locking while playing music are cool bonuses. It’s very slick, and most definitely blows the stock music player from Gingerbread out of the water. In my opinion at least it falls short of Google’s new version of the Music app.

The obvious difference, and Google’s killer feature is integration with Music Beta. Not only could I not access my online music from UberMusic, I couldn’t access the songs which I had downloaded over WiFi from my Music account. This is itself a big strike against not only UberMusic, but every other music app from here on out. If you haven’t sold your musical soul to Google’s new cloud service though the Google app still has a few other advantages.

The Google music app solved almost all the UI gripes I had with the original Android one. Not everyone will feel the same way, but there are a few features I’ve grown accustomed to there I did not enjoy missing. The ability to swipe between apps is just one of those features. UberMusic does have its own set of cool features, like the ability to browse songs by the folder its located in. The beta is free until July 15 at least, and I’m sure it will only get better considering how great Launcher Pro is, if you want to give it a shot check out Fed’s site.