While some brands and markets may have already plateaued when it comes to smartphone consumption, there are still those in the emerging market that have just found their stride, as more options become available to the consumers. Samsung and Apple may still be top in terms of quantities shipped, but other brands, particularly the curious case case of Xiaomi, are playing catch-up to the big boys, indicating the shift in terms of which regions or countries OEMs should focus on.

While Xiaomi isn’t the first Chinese brand to crack the top 5 (Lenovo has had that honor), it is unique in a sense that their focus has mainly beein in mainland China alone, and yet that has propelled them to the 3rd spot, according to figures released by the IDC for this year’s 3rd quarter. The launch of the Xiaomi Mi4 last August has largely contributed to their success, giving users a high-end smartphone that isn’t from the usual brands. Lenovo and LG round up the top 5.


It is worth noting that the figures do not actually indicated smartphones sold but rather the number of devices that have been shipped. This may indicate at the demand for the devices, although it doesn’t necessarily mean that they actually end up being bought by users. The profits reaped by each brand may be more telling and interesting to those who would like to see who has made the most money out of those OEMs.

But what we can glean from this is that more and more people, specifically those in the emerging markets, are looking at brands other than Samsung and Apple for their smartphone needs. And it’s not just low end budget devices that they’re looking for, but with the success of the Xiaomi Mi4, it seems that they’re ready for high-end options as well. This market has long been ignored by major brands, but they may already start rethinking their product line and strategy.