Pixel Launcher Android 9 Pie

The Pixel 3 has arrived and we’re curious how the Pixel Launcher will be similar and different from the previous version. We’re particularly interested in the Google Assistant because a preview removed the voice icon. In some leaks though, a new Assistant button was spotted instead. With the new version of the launcher, expect some changes like seeing the Assistant icon on the home screen. Some other changes you may notice include the Assistant on the G pill on the app drawer, adaptive icons, slightly bigger spacing, and adjustments on the opaque area on the app switcher.

When you click on the app icon to enter a split screen mode, the interface that shows up has been changed. The pop-out effect is no more. It has also changed when you pin the app or see app info.

Some animations on the Pixel Launcher has been updated. Mostly are noticeably smoother now when you tap an icon.

The latest Pixel Launcher can now be downloaded from APK Mirror. There’s only one requirement though, your smartphone must be on Android 9 Pie.

That’s not really a big problem but there are only a few Android Pie-powered devices in the market. Is your phone on Android 9 Pie already?

VIA: Android Police