Google has rolled out the Android Security Bulletin for February that included the latest security patch levels and fixes for known vulnerabilities. The update was made available just yesterday. The Android devs also rolled out the same update for the Pixel phones. The newest patches delivered a rather obvious change in the menu. The ‘About Phone’ menu in the settings has been moved. It’s only a minor change but we know there are new features we can take advantage of.

Pixel phone owners will find the OS update can be done manually. It can be resumed or paused whenever you want. It does not install automatically especially if you’re using the device for other purposes.

The update brings the ability to schedule reboots after a successful OTA upgrade. It’s a new feature that others may find a minor change.

The change is minor but is considered an important one as it informs the users what is happening at the moment. It’s a gray line you can see below the progress bar on the screen.

This change will be available after you restart the phone. Make sure you properly reboot the phone after the OTA update so everything will work properly.

VIA: Android Police