Netflix has finally expanded in most global regions and its launch in other markets has totally changed the viewing and streaming behaviors of the mobile users. This also means significant changes in mobile data usage and plans being offered. We have no data and sales figures yet but Netflix continues to improve the streaming service game and make its vast library of media content available to more people.

Most users saw an increase in data usage but Netflix recently announced a new tool that will allow anyone to control how much data is used when streaming videos especially when connected to the mobile internet through cellular networks. Usually, default setting would be three hours of TV or movies per one gigabyte. You can always change this or stream at at higher resolutions or bitrates but make sure you manage data usage well.

Unlimited mobile plane plans are not always reliable. You still need to watch your cellular data usage. With the updated Netflix, you can check your settings. Choose App Settings> Cellular Data Usage and feel free to choose a lower or higher data depending on how you want to save data and watch videos. Turn off the automatic default mode if you want.

Netflix Cellular Data Usage

Netflix is in the business of delivering videos in different picture quality and resolution. Your actual data usage will still depend on your mobile carrier. Check the updated Netflix app for the recent changes. All these and more may help you maximize Netflix and your mobile data plan.

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SOURCE: Netflix