Verizon’s 4G LTE devices tend to be a little finicky – just ask any nearby Galaxy Nexus owner. So when HTC updates the radios for one of its Verizon devices, it behooves the advanced user to try them out. HTC Thunderbolt owners, this one’s for you: the folks at XDA have zipped up the latest radio firmware for your phone and posted it in a flash-friendly format. The software itself comes from the latest OTA update, but the radios themselves can be used on any ROM.

Hold your horses, flashers. According to some users in the thread, the radio ZIP has the possibility of de-rooting your phone. So make sure you’ve got a handy Nandroid backup safely on your MicroSD card. The popular custom ROM CyanogenMod 7 seems to be safe, perhaps because it’s rooted by default. Some users are reporting that it strangely allows even custom ROMs to start downloading the official OTA update from Verizon, by changing the s-off value in the software. You have been warned.

Reception and battery issues have plagued Verizon’s LTE phones since the get go, and flagship devices have been no exception. The Thunderbolt, the DROID Charge and DROID Bionic, and now the Galaxy Nexus. On the plus side, I’ve been seeing much better performance on my own Nexus, and other Android Community writers have seen dramatically better battery life. Perhaps Verizon’s handoff issues have finally begun to be resolved – we’ll see.