Dropbox has released the latest beta version for Android users. The app, which is dubbed the ‘experimental forum build’ is sitting at version and with a few new image related features. This beta release is available for any and all that want play provided you are willing and/or able to sideload an app.

The one catch with this release, you must have, or be willing to switch your settings to allow for the sideloading of apps. Otherwise, this is a nice way to get a peak at what Dropbox is up to. And while I have yet to run v2.2.2.8, I will say that previous beta releases have been fairly stable.

That being said, lets get into the features that you can expect to see. As mentioned, they deal mostly with images. According to the details coming from Dropbox, this version will allow for the sharing of multiple images at the same time, the ability to delete multiple images at the same time and the ability to organize your images into albums. Those albums can also be shared.

Additionally, this release brings “lots of other little tweaks and big fixes” as well as user interface improvements and updates throughout. Those looking to grab the app can find the APK at this link, or by using this QR code.

[via Dropbox Forums]