Before Samsung releases the Galaxy S9 and S9+, we hope to busy ourselves with Android 8.0 on the Galaxy S8. The Oreo beta program is almost ready for all S8 and S8+ owners living in India. Nothing has been made official yet but the second phase is believed to roll out anytime soon. This is the updated version of the first beta released. This OS update is only for testing so there may still be some kinks and issues. Hopefully, those will be sorted out for the official release.

The beta program requires the S8/S8+ user to sign up. Right on the Samsung Members app, you will see a sign-up screen there. Under Home> Notices, there’s Register for Galaxy Beta Program. Click on the option and then chose the Galaxy beta programme. Agree to the terms and then choose the register button.

Click on Download updates to manually download the program. You can see it under Settings> Software update. Make sure you have at least 1396MB of free storage. Note that users who can join the beta are limited. We don’t know exactly how many but we’re assuming a lot but manageable.

As with other Android 8.0 OS update, this one will bring fixes to the earlier issues.



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