Galaxy S5 users were always able to unlock their handset using the fingerprint scanner. PayPal also added support shortly after the handset launched. Well, it looks like another company has come forward with support. This latest is LastPass and the support comes by way of the recently updated Password Manager app.

This support is actually quite useful. It means users will be able to swipe their finger when prompted for a password. LastPass has always been fairly user friendly in terms of getting your password where you need, but this seems to open up a new level of convenience.

LastPass as a service is one we would suggest checking out. At the very least, even if you choose not to use LastPass, a password manager of some sort is a good idea these days. LastPass gives users the ability to fill in passwords for apps and within Chrome. Nicely, there is also an extension for Chrome on the desktop so your passwords will always be available.

And to clarify — all of your individual passwords are then secured with one master password. Or in the case of your Galaxy S5, they are secured with your fingerprint. That having been said, the LastPass mobile app does require a premium level subscription which is $12 per year.

The LastPass app can be found in the Google Play Store.


  1. Too bad it’s actually a major bug and it’s causing a fingerprint button overlay at the bottom of the screen on other devices (like my Nexus 5). I hope they sort their shit out soon.


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