As soon as Google announced its Android 8.0 Oreo, we all expected various apps and services to start releasing beta versions or even just announce what users can expect when it starts rolling out to various devices. One of the first out the gate is password vault LastPass. They are now releasing the public beta version which shows off the autofill API of Google’s latest major update. This means that LastPass will be able to autofill not just your passwords but also other important information you’ve stored in their virtual vault.

LastPass is an app that is able to securely autofill your passwords in your browser or other apps. But now because of the new API that’s part of Oreo, you will be able to recognize your credit card information and your addresses that are (hopefully) securely stored in their vault. This is especially handy when you do a lot of online shopping and you always need to fill out those pesky forms. So start saving information on your LastPass vault so that when this rolls out for real, you’ll conveniently input all your information with a few taps.

The public beta update for LastPass will also have some performance improvements. If previously the app relied on Android’s accessibility features to identify password fields, this new API will let services like LastPass fill in the eligible forms and not ask for added permissions or even processing power, making it more secure and stable.

But since this is just a first release, don’t expect things to be perfect as Chrome does not support the autofill API just yet. But the developers are assuring users that they are working with Google to fix these kinks. You can opt in at their beta Google Play page to test out this new, improved version.

SOURCE: LastPass